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Hey guys!

Apologies for being silent for so long, but I'm (kind of) back!
So, let's get down to business: back to school, aka la rentrée for us French folks. Autumn and the renewal of the school year always inspire me so much, and I am ready for this new year to start! (which is a good thing since term starts on Monday). I did a bit of "back to school" shopping and I thought it would be nice to share my little haul here. I hope you enjoy!

Let's start with the basics: pretty notebooks. I got the brown ones from Paperchase and I simply used stamps to customise them. The notebooks with stars are by Nikki Strange but I bought them at Topshop.

I also got a pair of blue light glasses, which should save my life (or eyes) during those long hours spent working on my thesis. The brand is called See Concept and I got them from the BHV (= my favourite shop in Paris).

That beautiful brass ruler on top is from Amazon. I spotted it a few months ago at Merci but it was just too expensive for me. Luckily, I found it online 5€ cheaper including delivery cost. Win!

The pen and little pumpkin erasers were presents, and the crystals are from The Astrology Shop in London.

Sneaky peek at my translations!

(pencil case: BHV, pencil: etsy, marble tray: H&M home, candle: Laura Ashley, paper clips: Paperchase)

Last but not least, my "school bag" is a simple tote from the bookshop Shakespeare and Co.

Oh and before I finish this post, I wanted to share with you this really cute quote I found on Pinterest:

I'm so ready for la rentrée.


  1. Hello!

    Yay, you're back :) Love this post! The erasers and notebooks are so cute and inspiring! :)

    Speak soon,



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