23 décembre 2016

Christmas magic in Alsace

Hi guys,

This is it, only one day left until Christmas! I must admit I am a little sad it's almost over. I just love this time of the year : all the fairy lights, Christmas trees, pretty shop windows... I think I can safely say that I like the whole pre-Christmas period even more than Christmas day itself. Is it weird?

On Monday we left Paris and hopped on a train to Strasbourg (on the eastern part of France), where we spent a few days. This city, self-proclaimed Capital of Christmas, did not deceive us. It was so wonderful to wander in the many Christmas markets, buy presents for our friends and family, warm up with mulled wine and eat regional specialties.

We also went on a day trip to Colmar, which is the most adorable town just half an hour away from Strasbourg. It's so pretty there, it almost looks like Disneyland!

I managed to take quite a few photos during this trip and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you'll enjoy!


Have the most magical day ♡

7 décembre 2016

inspiration parisienne

Hey guys!

I don't know about you, but I am SO NOT feeling like working these days. Maybe it's because I had a really hard exam yesterday and today I'm letting the steam off, or maybe it's because of Christmas, I don't know.

What I do know though is that I've been itching to go out and enjoy Paris, look at the pretty christmas trees at Place Vendôme and above else, go shopping. As my title says, I've been feeling très parisienne over the past few weeks. Silly, non? Especially considering that a. I am French, b. I was born in Paris, and c. I currently live in Paris. But the thing is, I am currently inspired by "la parisienne" i.e. that fictional effortless yet chic creature the whole world seem to believe we (people living in Paris) are.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to create two looks and share them with you. I hope you like them!

Outfit n°1:

Parisienne 2

Outfit n°2:

Parisienne 1

I've created a Polyvore account to create these looks so if you want all the info concerning the clothes showed here, just visit my page here!

I hope you found these inspiring. I know that I am definitely adding some flare jeans and suede boots to my Christmas wishlist! What have you been thinking about lately? Tell me all about it!

1 décembre 2016

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

This is it, the countdown has started until Christmas and I am impatiently waiting until this evening to open the first little door of my advent calendar. 

The streets are twinkling with fairy lights and the shops are showing off their best, yummiest treats. Oh my, I just love this time of the year!

For now I am buried in work but I keep my chin up by enjoying all the seasonal treats in my free time: christmas music, tea, films, shopping, hot cider, mince pies and so on.

This weekend is going to be extra special. Since Dan and I won't be celebrating Christmas together (sad face), we decided to have a little Christmas themed weekend (in between my morning and before-bed revisions!). We will decorate the house with a tree, fairy lights and garlands, go to Disneyland, bake some orange and chocolate chip shortbreads and have a fancy dinner at L'Escargot, the best restaurant to get snails. I can't wait!

I've already written my wish-list to Santa (obviously!) and almost finished my Christmas shopping. There a few other things that I'd like to do within the next few weeks:
. finish writing my Christmas cards and send them
. go to Place Vendôme and admire the pretty decorations and trees
. make some mulled wine
. organise a cosy Christmas goûter with my uni friends (preferably after an exam or a very hard class, for extra cosiness - or hygge)
. find some good seasonal books to relax
. think about two delicious menus for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
. make a garland with stars, some Christmas crackers (if I manage to find some cracker snaps) and, if I feel super motivated and if I find time, make a dried orange garland like this one

Also if you have any seasonal book and film recommendations please go ahead and tell me!
What are you plans for December?