my favourite japanese shows

Hi guys!

First of all, Happy New Year!!! I hope this new year will bring you all the love, luck and happiness you deserve!

Now onto more serious stuff: anime and J-dramas. I have grown up watching cartoons and anime and my love for the Japanese culture hasn't ceased to grow since then. I just love diving into a new series and (binge) watch episodes when I want to relax or have a laugh.

I only recently discovered J-dramas (= Japanese dramas) but I'm already in love. For what I understand, having only watched two series, J-dramas are basically teen series about love stories, funny situations and all the cuteness and fluff you can expect from something Japanese and girly.

I wanted to share with you some of my favourite Japanese shows, in case you were looking for something cute to watch. I hope you like it!


Gintoki is an eccentric ex-samurai, Shinpachi is a teenage boy and Kagura is an extremely strong alien teenage girl. Together they form an unlikely friendship and start working together as Yuruzuya: "We Do Everything". They mainly do odd jobs and sometimes help the police fighting crime. The whole show is centered around these three quirky characters and their lives, encounters and adventures. It truly is the most hilarious anime I have ever watched and I would definitely recommend it.

Seraph of the End
The human world has come to an end and vampires control everything including humans, which they keep as cattle. This show follows two boys, Mikaela and Yuichiro, during their younger years, planning an escape from their prison kept by vampires and accidentally parting ways in the process. Then in their teens, finding their way back to one another. But the situation has changed in the meantime: Mikaela has since become a vampire - although he still despises them, and Yuichiro has joined the human resistance. This show is a bit darker, but still quite sweet, so if you like boy love, fantasy and action you should definitely like it!

Yuri on Ice
I started watching this show because a blogger I follow (= Simply Kenna, if you don't already know her Youtube channel, you should check it out!) recommended it and I definitely don't regret watching it! It's about boy love, ice-skating and it's the most adorable show. Yuri is a figure skater who looses confidence during competition and always ends up failing, by a lucky turn on event, he gets to be trained by his all time hero: Viktor. The show then follows them training and growing founder to one another. It's cute and fluffy, perfect for January.

Fairy Tail
This show takes place in a magical world where wizards form guilds and go on missions saving people from less friendly wizards or magical creatures. Lucy, Natsu, Grey and Erza form a team and we follow them on their comical adventures. Just like Gintama, this show is, to me, all about the funny situations and the eccentric characters depicted. If you want a good laugh and a fair bit of magic, you should like it!


Good Morning Call
Nao finds her dream apartment but soon realises that the heart-throb of her school, Uehara, has also moved in. The cohabitation starts and the characters learn to respect then love each other. Expect a fair lot of laughs and awws with this one!

My Little Lover
Chiyomi and Minami used to be best friends until they grew apart. On a stormy night, Chiyomi has an argument with her parents and leaves the house. She encounters Minami and another argument follows. Wet and sad, she takes shelter in a cave by the river and cries herself to sleep. The following morning, she wakes up realising that she has shrunk and is now 15 cm tall! Minami finds her and takes her to his home as Chiyomi refuses to let her parents see her in this state.
I'm only at the very beginning of this series but I'm already completely hooked! Just like several of the series listed here, the story and the characters are just too adorable so you should definitely check it out!

So these are my favourite so far. If you have any recommendation, please do comment! Also, if you know/end up watching any of these, let me know your thoughts on them as I'd be curious to know!


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